Alan Bates

I have designed an electronic UVI device that a. Measures UV intensity over UVA and UVB ranges; b. Converts UV intensity into UV Index using a new algorithm; c. Produces an output signal directly related to UV Index; d. Output in various forms: UVI Index values on liquid crystal display with WHO recommendations/light with colours corresponding to WHO UV Index levels/sound alarm if UV Index is above a certain value (for example, index 8 or above). The device can be produced in two forms: small wearable format to fit on clothing and larger wall mounted format for public display.

An accurate real-time measurement of UV Index at a particular location can help inform citizens, schools, and/or institutions about UV index values and allow corresponding actions, recommended by the WHO, to be made. I am willing to realize the potential of this UVI device. I believe that the device can not only measure UVI values but also increase awareness of the risks of UV exposure and help prevent skin cancer. 


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